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Your hardware is your most valuable asset next to your Bitcoin. We take pride in treating your equipment like we would our own. Our services include proficient management of devices, diagnostics, repair, and white-glove assistance end-to-end.

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We believe Bitcoin mining companies should mine to strengthen network security. Rebel Mining Company provides superior US mining solutions using our expertise and infrastructure to scale operations. Naturally, we also engage in mining Bitcoin.

Why We Are Better

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Unified Experience

Improved Bitcoin colocation network security through increased mining participation. Most ASIC colocation management platforms do not compare to what our platform provides, in superior device-level control for mining, exceeding competitors.

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Advanced Network & Security

With access control systems, surveillance, and an onsite security team, the safety of your equipment is ensured. We provide access control, high-quality cameras, fiber internet, and secure network services, such as firewalls, strict policies, and failover clusters.

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World-Class Coalition

We have a strong team to tackle any problems. Trained, certified, and professional, no worries about recruiting, staffing, or managing your team. Our team has quality experience and is here to support your goals.

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To ensure maximum reliability, our state-of-the-art facilities are built to last and engineered, designed, built, and operated in-house by us. They are also equipped with cutting-edge power and cooling infrastructure to offer you the best Bitcoin mining experience.

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Customer Centric

We are fully transparent in how our process operates and a Bitcoin mining company you can trust. With our laser-focused responsiveness and stability, our customers' needs for mining colocation come first.

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Software Suite

You will be able to manage your mining remotely, view billing and reports, obtain customer service, inquire about maintenance and repair, inventory management site automation, custom user management, and advanced metering.

Unified Platform

Optimized Mining Machine

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Uninterrupted Monitoring and Adaptation

With improved energy efficiency, this affects the hashrate and your miners ability to be more productive. With blockchain information at your fingertips, you can see a productive hashrate.

Improved Hashrate

With improved energy efficiency, this affects the hashrate and your miners ability to be more productive. With blockchain information at your fingertips, you can see a productive hashrate.

Inventory Management

You will have peace of mind with our advanced identification and our Inventory Protocol so you never have to worry about your equipment being misplaced or lost.

Optimized Mining

Larger than Life

We are large enough to handle any enterprise, with room to grow to your fullest potential.

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Reduced Costs

Our system aims for the most efficient use of cash flow, allowing you more freedom with your Bitcoin mining.

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Proactive Maintenance

We strive to remain ahead of issues that may arise through preventative maintenance and constant monitoring.

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Custom Experience

Our custom dashboard is designed differently than other providers, giving you a unique experience. This custom built interface offers more depth than ASIC hosting for the average ASIC miner, giving you a better opportunity.

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